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 Serving Junior Golfers in   South Florida since 1998

Membership in the Gold Coast Junior Golf Foundation, Inc. is open to all junior golfers under the age of nineteen. Members, age 18 may participate until their 19th birthday unless a senior in High School or until they entered college on a full time basis.

A member must have a valid email address, be able to obtain all information from the web site, receive email messages, and make payment of fees by using a MasterCard, Visa or American Express credit card.

Membership in the Gold Coast Junior Golf Foundation, Inc. is required to participate in more than two combined Gold and Platinum Tour tournaments or events.

An additional membership and fee is required to play in Platinum Tour tournaments.

Platinum Tour members should shoot 89 or better for boys and 99 or better for girls and be between the ages of 13-18.

Each member must register for membership and tournaments on-line. Payment must be made by credit card.

The membership year is from September 1st through August 31st.

GOLD TOUR membership fee is $50.00 and is valid from Sept. 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018.

PLATINUM TOUR membership fee is $75.00 and is valid for the 2017-2018 tournament series. Membership for both Tours is $100.00 providing registration for both tours is with the same transaction.

GOLD TOUR MEMBERS may participate in all Gold Tour events and earn Player of the Year points (except for 6 & Under division) for the Gold Tour Player of the Year only.

PLATINUM TOUR MEMBERS may participate in Platinum Tour tournaments and earn Player of the Year points for the Platinum Tour only.

GOLD TOUR & PLATINUM TOUR MEMBERS may play in both, Gold Tour and Platinum Tour Tournaments and earn Player of the Year points for both tours.

All tournament entries must be approved for each tournament.

THE "SPECIAL" MEMBERSHIP CATEGORY is for GCJGF official use only and is not to be selected as a membership choice when registering.

SUBMITTING AN ELECTRONIC APPLICATION for any membership or tournament category, you and your parents, or guardian, certify that you have read the Handbook containing the Rules & Regulations of GCJGF and that you, your parents, and spectators will abide by those rules.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE  is available on a limited basis for families requesting assistance and funds available for such grants. Contact Executive Director.

Please read the Handbook before registering for Membership as changes have been made since last year.

New and Renewal Membership Registrations