Gold Coast Junior Golf Foundation | Hand-Book pp.2
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Hand-Book pp.2


Playing members and caddies must wear proper shoes for golf. Shoes fitted with spikes must have non-metal spikes i.e. soft spikes. Metal Spikes are not allowed. Flat sole sneakers are permitted.


The use of cell phones, iPods, MP3s or a similar device that requires the use of ear buds are prohibited. Penalty for violation of this rule is: Disqualification. Cell phones may be used only to contact a GCJGF Official, view weather conditions or obtain yardages.

Range finders are permitted providing they provide yardages only; all other functions must be turned off.


Pull Carts are permitted to be used by players in all flights providing they are allowed by the Host course.

Caddies in the Gold Tour tournaments are allowed to use a pull cart in divisions where caddies are permitted and the host course allows pull carts.

Caddies permitted to use an electric or gas cart must follow the cart rules established by the host facility and those of GCJGF. Prior permission to use an electric or gas powered cart must be obtained from the TD.

Pull carts must not be taken onto the green or the collar of the green and must be placed in a position to expedite exiting the green to go to the next hole.

In the interest of safety of all participants, players and caddies using a pull cart agree to remove their golf bag from the pull cart during a course evacuation and leave the cart on the course.

The player is responsible for retrieving the cart once conditions are safe to do so.

The player and their parents agree that GCJGF, its Officers and Directors, and the Host course cannot be held responsible for any damaged, missing, or stolen pull carts left on the course as a result of a course evacuation.


The use of an Electric or Gas Golf Cart by a caddie is not permitted unless authorized by the Tournament Director. Caddies using a gas or electric cart must meet the conditions of the ADA or have a letter from a physician stating that a cart is required while they are being treated for a temporary condition.


USGA Rules of Golf apply, plus any local rules established by the Tournament Rules Committee.

Players must abide by all Rules and Regulations for each event. A Notice to Competitors is provided to each player for the current tournament. A Hard Card is available and should be kept in the golf bag for reference.

Playing groups and tee times will be posted on the Internet and emailed to each player (usually on Wednesday morning prior to the tournament) and no later than 6:00 PM on the Friday prior to the tournament unless conditions require a change in time.

Tee Times are subject to change and players should check the website and their email messages for changes the night before a tournament.

Players should check the GCJGF website on the day of a tournament in the case a tournament must be canceled.

Players are required to check in at the registration desk 30 minutes prior to the assigned tee time.

ALL players MUST be in the Teeing Area and ready to hit their shot when their tee time is announced. Order of play on the pairings list has no bearing as to being present.

A player that is late but arrives at the teeing area within their assigned tee time and before their division has completed teeing off will be assessed a general penalty (2 strokes). A player arriving after the division has completed teeing off will be disqualified and entry fee will not be refunded.

Player’s tee time may be adjusted in the event a player or players are not present. Players on the tournament waiting list will be substituted for a missing player based on the waiting list order for the division.

Entry fee for the originally scheduled player will not be refunded.

Gold Tour players arriving late for registration, when a player from the tournament waiting list is not available, will be permitted to play providing the division has not completed teeing off.

The late player will be assessed a 2 stroke penalty.  A player arriving after the division has completed teeing off will be disqualified and entry fee will not be refunded.

Rule 5.3a: Any player arriving at his/her starting point, ready to play, within five minutes after his/her starting time, in the absence of circumstances that warrant waiving the penalty of disqualification as provided in Exception 3, the penalty for failure to start on time is loss of the first hole in match play or two strokes at the first hole in stroke play instead of disqualification. Note: All players in a group must be present at the assigned tee time and not according to the order of play.


Gold Tour players in divisions 7 & Up must carry their own equipment or use a pull cart. Caddies are not permitted.

Gold Tour players in divisions Boys 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, Girls 7-9, 10-12, may have one parent or guardian caddie.

Contact the Executive Director (954-695-9353) one week prior to the event to receive permission for a non-parent or guardian to caddie. Complete the non-parent caddie form at the registration table.

Caddies must be at least 18 years of age.


Caddie Permission Form (PDF)


Caddies are caddies; instructions are to be kept to a minimum and are not to delay play.

Caddies should NOT: tee up a ball, mark a ball, lift a ball, and may not drop or place a ball. These functions are the responsibility of the player. (LOCAL RULE)

Caddies are NOT permitted to assist the player once the player’s ball is on the putting surface of the green. (LOCAL RULE) See below.

​Once the player’s ball is on the putting surface:

  • Player may not receive any advice.
  • Only one caddie in the group is allowed on the putting surface of a green at a time and only for the purpose of attending the flag stick for the players and directing the order of play.
  • Caddies are to take turns attending the flag stick.
  • Players are encouraged to continue putting unless they will be standing in the line of another player’s putt or playing in a match play event. Note: Players are not required to continue putting.
  • See USGA Rules of Golf regarding “Advice”.


Players may not sit or ride in Golf Carts at any time except for a course evacuation or when authorized by GCJGF Officials. Penalty: 2 Stroke Penalty is to be added to the score on the hole where the violation occurred; continued violations: Disqualification

Any player that is transported on the back of an electric or gas golf cart in the golf bag area will result in the immediate disqualification of the player. The use of a cart will be immediately suspended for any parent/caddie/spectator that allows anyone to be transported on the back of a cart.