2021-2022 GCJGF Hand-Book

Gold Coast Junior Golf Foundation, Inc. (GCJGF) conducts two tours for its members and non-members. The Gold Tour tournaments are one-day events for both beginning and advance players wanting to develop their game in order to play in tournaments with a higher level of competition. The Platinum Tour tournaments are two-day tournaments for advanced Boys & Girls ages 13-18.

A Gold or Platinum tour membership is required to play in certain tournaments and in two or more (combined) events. Players must have a valid email address, to be able to obtain all information from the web site, make tournament entries and payment of all fees by credit cards using the GCJGF on-line registration system powered by BlueGolf. The email address may not be “unsubscribed” or blocked.


The Prestige Club is a program that tracks a player’s statistics and provides information on a player’s progress over time.


The TrackMan 4 is the world’s leading swing analyzer, proving instant feedback on 24 areas of the swing using a dual radar system. Visit the TrackMan 4 page to get started. Reservations for having your swing analyzed can be made by contacting Wayne McKinney for an appointment location for an appointment & time.


  • BOYS:  7-8, 9-10 (Caddies Permitted-See Caddie Section)
  • BOYS: 11-12 (18 holes) (Caddie Optional)
  • BOYS: 13-14, 15-18 (18 holes) (Caddies NOT permitted)
  • GIRLS:  7-9, 10-12, (Caddies Permitted-See Caddie Section)
  • Girls: 13-18 (Caddies NOT permitted)

Juniors may play the entire year in a division according to their age on September 1, 2021. However, you will have the option to move up to the next age division on your birthday should you choose to do so. A member may also return to their original divisional any time by properly registering for the division they will play in for the tournament. Division changes will not be permitted after the entry has been processed and approved. POY Points will be credited to the player for the age division they played in the event. Points are not carried from one division to another.

Playing Groups that fall behind the group in the tee time in front of them by more than ONE  hole will be required to proceed forward to catch up, without playing any holes to do so and record a score of 8x for the missed holes played. Individual Players who cannot maintain the pace of play will play in a division that is compatible to their level of play.

  • Divisions may be adjusted by age and/or sex to provide for the best competition.
  • A Gold Tour membership is valid September 1st to August 31st of each year.


  • BOYS: 13-15, (36 holes at approximately 6300-6600 yards) – Caddies are not permitted
  • BOYS: 16-18 (36 holes at approximately 6400-6800 yards) – Caddies are not permitted
  • GIRLS:  13-18 (36 holes at approximately 5500-6000 yards) – Caddies are not permitted

A Platinum Tour membership is required to participate in two or more combined Gold Tour and Platinum Tour tournaments. A non-member will not earn points for any tournaments they play as a non-member. Membership is available to junior golfers 13-18 (19 if still in HS) years of age and who have not entered college on a full-time schedule. Players should demonstrate the ability to play at a competitive level for their age group by consistently scoring 89 or better for boys and 99 or better for girls. Players returning a score above 90 for Boys and 100 for Girls, or more than 18 shots higher than the score of the Division leader’s score, will be subject to being “CUT” from the 2nd round of play for that tournament.

  • A Platinum Tour membership is valid September 1st to August 31st of each year.


(Gold & Platinum Tour Tournament Schedule is subject to change) Every effort is made to conduct tournaments on the date and course originally scheduled.

The Tournament Entry Fee is an EVENT FEE and does not guarantee the number of days or the number of holes to be played. No Refunds will be made after the original closing date (not the late entry closing date) for the tournament.

Members and Non-Members are required to register for each tournament they are eligible to play by using the on-line, BlueGolf system. Entries for each tournament may be limited. Members and Non- Members will be notified by email of their entry status.

  • Membership in the Gold Tour or Platinum Tour of Gold Coast Junior Golf Foundation, Inc. does not guarantee entry into any event.
  • Tournament entry fees vary, depending on the tournament site and time of year.
  • Check and Cash payments will not be accepted. All entries must be made online unless authorized by a GCJGF official.

Late entries may be accepted depending on space availability. A late entry is one that is submitted after the original closing date & time for the tournament. The closing date and time are listed under “Info” for the tournament on the Tournament Schedule and is 7 days prior to the start of the tournament.



The registration fee will not be processed if the player is not accepted for the tournament.

The entry fee for cancellations and withdrawals made prior to the original closing date & time for the tournament may receive an account credit, less a $10.00 service charge, providing GCJGF is not charged a fee by the host course. An entry fee may only be transferred one time and must be within the same GCJGF fiscal year.

Entry fees will not be refunded or transferred after the closing date of a tournament.

In the event a tournament must be canceled prior to the start of play, the entry fee will be fully refunded unless food is part of the entry and GCJGF is not charged a fee. Refunds for tournaments where play was suspended due to weather will not be made.


​A player who is a “No-Show” for an “invitation only” tournament that held a qualifier will not receive Player of the Year Points for that qualifier. The player will not be considered for future POY priority tee time assignment.


The dress code applies to all members, parents, and spectators and we request everyone respect this code.

Members, Parents, and Spectators are required to wear proper golf attire at all GCJGF events. Shirts with collars or mock turtleneck shirts designed for golf is required and shirttails must be worn inside pants, shorts, or skirts.

Persons not meeting the above conditions will be asked to either conform to the dress code or asked to leave. Entry fee will not be refunded.

Players will have one thousand (1000) points deducted from their Player of the Year points total for each violation of the dress code.

Everyone must also abide by any additional dress codes that apply at the host course.


  • Caps or Visors worn in any position other than the bill facing forward.
  • Short Shorts or Running Shorts
  • Gym, Bicycle or Exercise Shorts
  • Cutoffs
  • Jeans (shorts, pants, skirts made of denim)
  • See-through clothing
  • Tube or Tank Tops
  • Clothing containing words, phrases, symbols, or pictures, which could be considered obscene, profane, drug, alcohol, or tobacco related.