GEM 529 Educational Plan Requirements

Each member must have a GEM 529 savings plan or other qualifying tax advantage educational account.

A signed agreement between a parent or guardian and GCJGF, containing the savings account plan information. The agreement must be completed with GCJGF during the current GCJGF fiscal year and prior to August 20, 2021, for any of the following conditions to be valid.

Individual must be a current member in good standing of GCJGF (either Gold, Platinum or both Tours).

Individual must play in a minimum of seven (7) tournaments played between September 1st through August 31st of the current GCJGF fiscal year to be eligible for the year.

Rounds played will be based on the number of rounds played on Sunday. The Platinum Tour round played on a Saturday will not count as a round played in computing the 529 distribution of funds. Player must complete play of the event entered.

A tournament will not count as a tournament played if the player cancels, withdraws or is disqualified for any reason.

The Board of Directors will consider the circumstances of all withdrawals for possible credit for a round played.

Players will receive credit for a round played should they check in at registration and the tournament is canceled due
to weather.

All players will receive credit for a round played should the tournament be canceled by the tournament committee, for any reason, after play begins.

Tournaments played prior to becoming a member of GCJGF will not count towards the seven tournaments played requirement.

GEM funds will be disbursed by GCJGF prior to the August 31st closing of each GCJGF fiscal year.