GEM 529 Educational Plan

Florida State Golf Association - Junior Team Championships - Teams 16-18, 2018

Gold Coast Junior Golf Foundation (GCJGF):

Where Each Round Prepares You For College

GCJGF announces a first of its kind membership GEM (GCJGF EDUCATIONAL MONEY) program. In addition to our existing scholarship program for college bound players, GCJGF announces a program whereby an annual contribution will be made by the foundation to eligible members’ 529 savings plans.

On an annual basis, GCJGF will determine the full contribution amount.

Members who have participated in a minimum number of events, depending on the number of completed scheduled events, during the season will be eligible to receive a contribution from GCJGF to their existing 529 savings plan or other qualifying tax advantaged educational account.

The contribution amount will be based on the number of rounds played on Sunday.

For information on establishing a 529 savings plan go to

Additional 529 plans are available through other sources and can be found by a web search.

Gold Coast Junior Golf Foundation (GCJGF):

The schedule shown below is examples based on 2020. For 2021 our expected contribution is $25,000.

GEM 529 PLAN2020
Contribution Amount$25,000
*Tournaments Required5
Player with 5 events$339
Eligible Members54
Total Events Played368
Contribution per Event$67.80
Player with 6 events$407
Player with 7 events$475
Player with 8 events$543
Player with 9 events$611
Player with 10 events$678
*Required Events was Revised due to the Cancellation of Two Events10

2020 Participation Estimates*

A player who participates in 10 events with GCJGF starting at age 7 would add approximately $15,000 to their college fund as a result of playing GCJGF tournaments (assuming 2021 data remains constant).

Player AgeSum of Actual ContributionAverage Market GrowthValue
17$12,508.5410% $13,759.39

*The above tables are for illustration purpose only. Actual numbers depend on current market condition, the number of eligible GCJGF members, rounds played and money available for distribution.