Types of Scholarships

College Scholarships

Gold Coast Junior Golf Foundation provides college scholarships each year to graduating senior members.

The scholarship amount depends on the funds available for scholarships, the Number of Graduating Seniors, the Number of Years as a Member, GPA, Volunteer Hours Performed, Number of Tournaments Played.

Two $5,000 scholarships may be available in addition to the above scholarships. These are paid over a four-year period providing the student meets certain requirements.

GCJGF has awarded over $150,000 in scholarships during the past five years.

529 Educational Plan Contributions

In addition to the above scholarships, Gold Coast Junior Golf Foundation will make a yearly contribution to all qualifying members in the GCJGF GEM (GCJGF EDUCATIONAL MONEY) 529 program.

See the 529 Plan information on this site for additional information.

Tournament Scholarships

Gold Coast Junior Golf Foundation provides financial assistance scholarships based on an individual’s financial needs.