TrackMan 4 Results

Prestige Junior Championships

Trackman 4 Results:
Boys/Girls 7-10Patrick Pinkney174.3 Yards
Girls 10-12Audrey Bacic192.8 Yards
Boys 11-14Cameron Baez223.0 Yards
Girls 13-18Makayla Chau229.1 Yards

2019 Hall of Fame Classic

Trackman 4 Results:
Boys 9-10Charles Russo188.1 Yards
Boys 11-12Robert Young217.0 Yards
Boys 13-14Tomas Stephens241.1 Yards
Sean Richards241.1 Yards
Boys 15-18Christian Ayala177.1 Yards
Girls 10-12Olivia Russo175.9 Yards
Girls 13-18Francesca Salemi227.1 Yards

2019 Grand Palms July Open

Trackman 4 Results:
Girls 13-18Gianna DiRoberto186 Yards
Boys 9-10Brady Vitucci186 Yards
Boys 11-12Robert Young228 Yards
Boys 13-14Sean Richards268 Yards
Boys 15-18Terry Moore311 Yards

2019 Top Golf Challenge

Trackman 4 Results:
Girls 7-12Mia Stephens500 Points
Girls 13-18Kelcie Jackson503 Points
Boys 9-10Charles Russo430 Points
Boys 11-12Cameron Baez422 Points
Boys 13-14Sean Richards598 Points
Boys 15-18Justin Lilly709 Points

2018 Holiday Classic – Country Club of Miami

Trackman 4 Results:
Closest to Line:
Christian Ayala7 Inches
Long Drive:
Boys 7-10Dylan Kotes207.9 Yards
Boys 11-14Sean Richards280.4 Yards
Boys 15-18Kade Cannon310.7 Yards
Girls 10-12Olivia Russo191.0 Yards
Girls 13-18Kelcie Jackson230.6 Yards