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Membership in the Gold Coast Junior Golf Foundation, Inc. is open to all junior golfers under the age of nineteen. Members age 18 may participate until their 19th birthday, unless a senior still in high school or enter college on a full time basis. Membership in the Gold Coast Junior Golf Foundation, Inc. is required to participate in more than two GCJGF sponsored tournaments or events. A member must have a valid email address, be able to obtain all information from the web site and email messages, and make payments of fees using a MasterCard, Visa or American Express credit card. A member will be required to submit an on-line entry form and appropriate entry fee for each tournament. Entries for each tournament may be limited and members will be notified if their entry into a tournament is not accepted.


Membership in the Gold Coast Junior Golf Foundation, Inc. does not guarantee entry into each event. Tournament entry fees vary depending on the tournament site and every effort is made to keep the fee as low as possible. All events will be conducted in the south Florida area to minimize travel expense. A non-member may only play in two (2) tournaments as a non-member during the GCJGF calendar season, then they must become a member if they wish to play additional events. A junior must be a “Gold Tour Member” to participate in the FSGA Junior Team Championships Team, and any other tournament that may be designated by the Board of Directors. A junior must be a Platinum Tour Member to participate in Platinum Tour tournaments.